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U7 and U9 December Schedules

U7 and U9 schedules for December are now available:

U11 and U13 AA Goalie Skate Info

From lmhockey.com (http://lmhockey.com/news.php?news_id=1908499)






U11 and U13 Updated Schedule

Group skates for U11A and U13A continue this Sunday Nov.29th.  Plans are currently being made for team selections during the week of November 30th.  Those details will be posted in the coming days.

Schedule available at http://lmhockey.com/news.php?news_id=1908452

Please check the lmhockey website for any updates.

Sunday Nov. 30th Schedule

Sunday 29-Nov-20 8:00 9:00 CRA RETURN
Sunday 29-Nov-20 8:00 9:00 GDV PAMHA U7
Sunday 29-Nov-20 9:15 10:15 GDV PAMHA U7
Sunday 29-Nov-20 9:15 10:15 Neebing NEEBING U7
Sunday 29-Nov-20 10:30 11:30 Neebing NEEBING U9
Sunday 29-Nov-20 11:45 12:45 Neebing U11A 4
Sunday  29-Nov-20 13:00 14:00 Neebing U13A 4
Sunday 29-Nov-20 13:00 14:00 Delaney SOUTH U9
Sunday 29-Nov-20 14:15 15:15 Delaney SOUTH U9
Sunday 29-Nov-20 11:45 12:45 PAA U11A 3
Sunday 29-Nov-20 13:00 14:00 PAA U11A 2
Sunday 29-Nov-20 14:15 15:15 PAA U11A 1
Sunday 29-Nov-20 10:00 11:00 TC1 SOUTH U9
Sunday 29-Nov-20 11:00 12:00 TC1 SOUTH U9
Sunday 29-Nov-20 12:00 13:00 TC1 U13A 7
Sunday  29-Nov-20 13:00 14:00 TC1 U13A 5
Sunday 29-Nov-20 14:00 15:00 TC1 U11A 7
Sunday 29-Nov-20 15:00 16:00 TC1 RETURN
Sunday 29-Nov-20 16:00 17:00 TC1 U13A 6
Sunday 29-Nov-20 17:00 18:00 TC1 U11A 5
Sunday 29-Nov-20 18:00 19:00 TC1 U11A 6
Sunday 29-Nov-20 14:15 15:15 GDV U13A 2
Sunday 29-Nov-20 16:45 17:45 CRA U13A 1
Sunday 29-Nov-20 18:00 19:00 CRA U13A 3
Sunday 29-Nov-20 19:15 20:15 Neebing RETURN
Sunday 29-Nov-20 19:15 20:15 GDV RETURN

New FWFN Protocols


From FWFN Arena

FWFN will be putting up surveillance entry points while in Code Yellow. At the corner of City Road and Mission road there will be a security check point. All players and parents that are coming to the Arena will just say that they are going to the arena. Attached I have included a sign that they can print out and put in their front window to show the security people where they are going. PLEASE be courtesy to the people at the check point because they are only doing their jobs. I would plan on coming to the Arena a few minutes earlier just in case there is a line up.


Also in Code Yellow we will have to keep our numbers down as much as we can in the building at one time. So as of Monday we cannot allow the players that are not playing in the building. This really bothers me because I feel it is very important that the non-playing players support their team mates but in the situation we are in I need to put that on hold for the time being. Also as you know we do not allow spectators in the arena. Please remind your players and coaches that if you’re on Rink 1 you stay in rink one and do not wonder over to the other rink. Same thing goes for the people on rink 2.

We need to continue screening the players before they come in the arena and please make sure they use the hand sanitizers inside the lobbies before they go on the ice. Each person needs to keep their masks on while not on the ice. Players still need to come dressed with only putting their skates and helmets on. We cannot allow a dressing room to be used for goalies anymore either. We have to try and keep the coaching staff’s that are in the building for games down to the 5 carded coaches. I have noticed up to 9 coaches coming in for a game. This needs to stop and only 5 at the most.

We are still allowing a coach or parent to come and live stream the games for the parents. We are very close to having camera’s and live streaming in the arena so games and practices can be watched.

We are all in this together and need to follow these guidelines and hopefully one day soon we can go back to a regular type of living and playing Hockey.

Thanks again for your support in these tough times and please “BE SAFE”

U11 and U13 Update

U11 AA and U13 AA evaluations will take place between November 15th and November 29th, and the AA drafts for both age groups will take place on Monday November 30th.  Dates, times, and locations for the evaluations are still TBD but we're expecting they'll be published soon.

U11 A and U13 A evaluations will take place between December 1st and December 15th, and the drafts for both will take place the following week.  Dates, times, and locations for these are also TBD.

Players will be issued evaluation jerseys at the first evaluation skate.  During the evaluation period PARENTS WILL NOT be allowed in the arena in order to stay within arena capacity rules to accommodate the number of coaches performing the evaluations.

Game play for U11 and U13 A and AA divisions will commence January 2nd.

Players that are currently skating with a Single A cohort will have the opportunity to skate at a AA evaluation if they choose. Likewise, should there be any players that are currently skating in a AA cohort that wish to move to A they will be allowed to switch if they choose. Note that THESE REQUESTS MUST BE MADE TO THE ELKS REGISTRAR NO LATER THAN FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6th. Please email Janine at jnarbonne@live.ca if you wish to switch from AA to A or switch from A to AA.

U7 (2014, 2015 & 2017) Hockey is Back!!

The U7 Phase 1 South Side Schedule & preliminary groups for the Elks, KC & Westfort has been released.

U7 South Step1 Schedule

U9 Hockey is Back

U9 South Side Schedule Update!

U9 December Schedule

Stage 1: Groups, Schedules, and Return to Play Update

As we move forward into Phase One of the Return to Play framework with skates starting this week, there are a few items to review regarding how the practice times and protocols are different this year versus a normal year.  All groups and skate times are posted on the LMHL website at  http://lmhockey.com and U9 and U7 participants will be uploaded closer to their start times.  Please review if you haven’t yet as the groups and cohorts cannot be interchanged and if you miss a skate, it cannot be made up at a later date or time.


All available arenas in the city are being utilized in order to get all participants back on the ice and skating and there are different protocols, depending on whether you are scheduled to skate at a COTB arena, First Nations arena, or NorWest arena.  The most recent protocols are available to view on the LMHL website under the COVID Protocols tab.

Arena protocols (varies by location):

All players and spectators (if allowed) MUST pass the screening and be signed in prior to entering the arena.   Please follow all screening and arena instructions as failure to do so may result in loss of privileges for everyone.

All players to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of their ice times. Please be on time as late arrivals may disrupt the screening and practice.  Due to most dressing rooms to be off-limits, players are asked to come fully dressed and ready to play with only helmets, gloves, and skates to put on at the arena.  **If your child CANNOT tie their own skates, it is highly recommended that they arrive with skates on and in hard plastic walking skate guards**.  The exception is NorWest arena as there are stairs to get to rink level.  No hockey bags are allowed in the facilities

All players, coaches, and spectators must wear a mask into the arena and dressing areas.  Masks can only be removed when helmets and mouthguards are on.  Coaches can remove masks when stepping onto ice surface.  All spectators must wear masks at all times in the arenas.

All players will have 15minutes to exit the facilities once their session is over.  Please follow all posted exit signs and directions at each facility.

Spectators, where allowed, are limited to one (1) person per participant and must sign in with the check-in person.  Check-in will end once the session begins.  Late arrivals will not be allowed entrance.  There are no spectators allowed in First Nations arena and Nor-west will not allow capacity to exceed 50 people total, so please plan accordingly that there may not be room if late.  Once the new routine is established, parents will be asked to drop off their players for their sessions as the spectator limit may be altered for evaluation purposes (U7 & U9 excepted)

All players are to have their own practice jersey and socks and their own clearly labelled water bottle


Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 may be turned away from the arena by the screeners at their discretion.  Please be mindful that they are just doing their jobs and working to keep everyone safe and playing

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us at elks82shockey@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you all at the rink,

Elks Executive


Registration is now open for the 2020/21 season - check out the registration page for more details!

Elks Return to Play Framework (pdf copy)

Thunder Bay Elks Hockey Association is pleased to announce our Return to Play Framework for the 2020/21 season. Thank you to all six Associations within Lakehead Minor Hockey for coming together to come up with a safe way to get our kids back on the ice...looking forward to seeing everyone at the rink soon!


  • October 13th - November 30th
  • Elks Minor Hockey Thunder Bay reserves the right to adjust the start dates based on player registration and ice availability.
  • Player Registration through HCR website.
  • Cost to be $100 (100% refund if Step 1 is cancelled due to COVID; 50% refund if Step 1 is cancelled with half or less of the sessions remaining due to COVID)
  • Player bubble (50 or less players) will be determined by dividing players into U?, U9, U11 and U13 and further dividing based on where they register (A or AA). Players may be placed in a bubble with players from another association
  • 10 - 12 sessions scheduled over 6 weeks (20 to 25 players per ice session sessions to be focused on skill development.
  • for skill development with potential for small scrimmages at the end of the session per HNO guidelines for Stage 3 (Team Formation); on-ice sessions to be organized by Elks Minor Hockey coaches while screening/documenting protocols will be handled by Elks Minor Hockey Association.
  • Coaches will be able to use the sessions for draft evaluations but limits on attendees are expected to be required due to restrictions on the number of people permitted inside arenas. Specific rules to be determined.
  • U11 AA and U13AA team formation will be based on a city-wide draft format. Details to follow.



(*If restrictions are lessened and it is possible to go to Step 3 prior to November 1, Step 2 will be skipped with
draft rules remaining in place)

  • If players did not participate in Step 1 they can still register for Step 2.
  • A player can opt out of Step 2 after participating is Step 1.
  • There will be a break between Step 1 and Step 2 to facilitate the formation of teams.
  • December 1st to December 31st
  • Cost to be determined
  • Players who registered in U11AA and U13AA who do NOT make AA will be placed in the U11A and
    U 13A draft pool for either the North side of Thunder Bay (PAMHA) or the South side of Thunder Bay (Elks,
    KC, Neebing, Norwest and Westfort), based on where the player registers. It is possible that a player who
    has registered for U11 and U13 will be drafted on a team with a different association other than the one
    registered for in order to ensure all teams have a full roster, all teams are of equal competitiveness and to
    maximize ice allotments.
  • Teams drafted per current guidelines in late November into 3 team loops.
  • Game play and other rules to be determined
  • If Step 2 commences, it will not end early and will continue until December 31st
  • No games between December 24th and January 2nd
  • No tournaments or jamborees will take place during this stage


  • January 1st to a date to be determined
  • This will be a continuation of Step 2 OR, if permitted, could combine the teams that were originally
    drafted and combine two 3 team loops into 6 team loops and play traditional 5v5 games
  • Tournaments or jamborees *may* be possible during this stage



New Division Names?

At its Winter Congress this weekend in Montreal, the Hockey Canada membership approved a regulation change proposed by the board of directors to revise the naming of the age divisions used in minor hockey across Canada.  Following the recommendations of a task team, the age divisions will become U7, U9, U11 through to U21, impacting all minor and female hockey programs under the Hockey Canada umbrella.  More details are available on the Hockey Canada page.

Wolf Security Elks PWA SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving First Place

Wolf Security Elks Peewee A: First place in the SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving (Minneapolis, MN)


Elks Peewee AA: First Place in the SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving (Minneapolis, MN)

Elks_Citi_Team_Brick City Classic

Citi Centre Print ELKS Peewee A: 3rd place in the Brick City Classic (Chaska, MN)

elks atom aa brick city

Elks Atom AA: 3rd place in the Brick City Classic (Chaska, MN)

🏆 Wolf Security Elks Peewee A: First place in the SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving (Minneapolis, MN)! 🏆 

Elks Peewee AA: First Place in the SuperRink Spectacular Thanksgiving (Minneapolis, MN)

Citi Centre Print ELKS Peewee A: 3rd place in the Brick City Classic (Chaska, MN)

Elks Atom AA: 3rd place in the Brick City Classic (Chaska, MN)

Elks Atom AA are the 2018 Portman Thanksgiving Classic Squirt tournament champions!

Congratulations to the Peewee A - B side city champs! 💜💜💜🏒🥅Citi Centre Print Elks! Great season! Great kids! Great parents! Way to go team!

Congratulations Citi Centre Print ELKS PWA!! Westfort Tourney PWA Champs! 🏆 💜💜💜🏒🥅💜💜💜 GO PURPLE!! 💜💜💜

Congratulations Citi Centre Print ELKS PWA!! Westfort Tourney PWA Champs! 🏆 💜💜💜🏒🥅💜💜💜 GO PURPLE!! 💜💜💜

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