Registration For The 2021/22 Season

Click here for Important Registration Information.

If you didn’t play for the ELKS last season, but want to play with us this year .... just email our Registrar prior to signing up!  Include players full name & DOB!  Our Registrar will contact you when you can complete the sign up process!

Hockey Canada has updated the “HCR” Registration system this year, if your player has previously been registered for hockey, their information is already in the system.  You must create a new account in the updated system with the same email that you have previously used to register and then you can search for your player using their full name and date of birth.  This will make sure that earlier Respect in Sport courses as well as previous season data are retained with your player's profile.

Online 2021/22 Hockey Season Registration


First, complete your online registration at Hockey Canada's website.

In Person Registration & Jersey Pickup: TBD

Online Payment


Easy Payment:


be sure to include player name & division!)

2021/22 Hockey Season Registration Overview

2021/22 Registration Fees

U7 $400.00
Additional Team Fees: No

U11 $400.00
Team Fees: Yes

U13 $400.00
Additional Team Fees: Yes

U9 $400.00
Additional Team Fees: Yes

U11 AA $450.00
Additional Team Fees: Yes

U13 AA $450.00
Additional Team Fees: Yes

Rowan's Law

Registration for the upcoming 2021-22 season was delayed by HNO pending new legislation by the Ontario Government.
The new rules requiring the review of concussion awareness resources and concussion codes can be found here:

Each player and a parent must review the appropriate Concussion Awareness booklet and complete the Acknowledgement Review form on our Rowan's Law page.